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Name: Annie

Nickname: Kilala, Ki, jerk, senpai, Kiki, And the rest of the nicknames Cel and Lunesol have baptized me with.

Birthday: September 16th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5’4”

Time zone: AST (basically EST without the Daylight Savings mumbo jumbo)

What time and date is it there: 3:47am August 28

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-7 hours

OTP(s): ChromKi, Selala, NaLu, SoMa, AmeFro(YEAH I DO SHIP IT AME)

The last thing I googled was: Remedies for Nasal congestion because I have been sick all week with the cold, flu and my time of the month. HuzZAH!

First word that comes to mind: Ye

What I last said to a family member: "Bendición, que descanses…" ("My blessings, rest well…")

One place that makes me happy and why: Where I am right now, My brother’s place. Anywhere that isn’t where I live is my favorite place to be. I just feel so at peace here yet I have to return next Tuesday so ye…

How many blankets I sleep under: One, it’s too damn hot where I live.

Favorite beverage: Vanilla Coke, Apple Juice, French Vanilla coffee, water

The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Guardians of the Galaxy

Three things I can’t live without: Yeah Food, Water, Oxygen what Ame said. *cough*my sketch pad, my laptop, internet*cough*

Something I plan on learning: How not to be an anxious mess anymore. And expand my education in graphic design.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Please remember to breathe deeply and think wisely before doing something. Don’t give up so easily and try harder at things you really want to achieve, you never know what you can do until you try.

You have to listen to this song: Long Live by Taylor Swift. It’s such a meaningful song if you have your own group of friends in College. that and I love listening to this song when I’m playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and watching Fairy Tail.

My blog(s): I have like 2 irrelevant blogs with little to nothing in it. So yeah my main one is this one because I’m a lazy bum to make more blogs.

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You’re not forced to do it of course uvu


Did I mention this year at Otakon I did the impossible? I FOUND MOTHER. I WAS A HAPPY MORGAN TO HAVE MOTHER BACK. I even got to show her sister Luci’s mask!

And now I’m pretty sure she’s actually tactician-kilala and I’m like omg they’re kinda well known and so sweet to a poor little Morgan like me and waaaaaaauuuugh I am not worthy….. 


My precious Morgan! BBY MOMMY LOVES YOU! ;w;

You were such a cool Morgan! VERY PRECIOUS ;v;

tactician-kilala asked: "I want the K...?"


4. Spiderman Kiss:

Based on the kiss in the 2002 movie Spider-Man, the Spiderman kiss involves kissing someone whose face is upside-down from yours, so your top lip kisses their bottom lip and vice versa.

Seth sat atop one of the ruins of Prism Mountain, looking out over the expanse.  He hummed to himself, whistling contently about the most recent fight. “No sight of any Risen at the moment.  Looks like we’re in the clear, Ki!” Seth moved to hang upside-down from the ruins, only for his lips to meet with an approaching Kilala. “A-ah… u-um… h-hey, Ki…”

Taken by surprise, Kilala backed up and tripped over the cracked floor that belonged to the ruins, falling ungracefully on her rear.

"Ata…T-That was um…u-unexpected…"She tried her best to rid of her blush to answer back. "S-So the coast is clear…g-great! I’ll relay the information with the scouts." She then whistled to Hecate, who trotted over to where her master was sitting, blowing air into her orange hair, then looking up at her master’s mate and blowing air into his face.

Anonymous asked: 'Scuse me if it's weird to be asking you this but do you know how Cel/HeavenlyDevil69 is doing?



No but I really wish I could give a sure answer but unfortunately I can’t. I know she’s lurking, she’s been lurking around for a while now but she just hasn’t really “returned” to Tumblr yet. Last time I talked to her was a month ago, she was doing fine and she was happy so I do hope she’s doing well.

But yeah that’s basically all I have to offer for an answer. ;o; I do miss her around too! //


A Gaius and Nowi that people requested a Yusuke Kozaki doodled for them at his Q&A panel!

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i met matt mercer the other day and this is really important

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collab btwn rynn and me, i inked/blocked in her GORGEOUS PANELS!!!!! there will be a second part if i finish but after that we are prob too tired to continue the rest of bad end au LMAO, u can take my word for it that it gets very melodramatic because thats our fav. BLESS U FOR SKETCHING OUT THIS MANY PANELS OF MY MU IN THE FIRST PLACE AH……… o(-<

in one piece

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Vows (Closed RP Seth x Kilala)


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I’m horrible sometimes…

suicunerider asked: "I can't sleep worth shit. Got any remedies?" (yoooo)

"Hmm, perhaps counting sheep? Apparently we’re chuck full of those." She grinned at her own bad puns.

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tactician-kilala asked: :X



Send me a :X and my character will blurt out the first thing on their mind when they see your character.

"Ki, you seem to be putting on a little weight there… I hope the stress for the coming battles isn’t getting to you…"

Seth reached over, tugging onto Kilala, uncurling her from her ball position.  He pressed his forehead to Kilala’s own, looking right into her eyes. “…Kilala, I promised… I promised you that this would be your night.  I’ve been nothing but a bother and a mess… especially late into the night.  I, at the absolute least… owe you a wonderful night…”

Kilala bit her lip at his determination to fulfill his promise as her eyes held her gaze to try to read his own. Whenever Seth was serious and set on something, he’d do this, he’d look into her own eyes to back his words. Still, she had a tiny tinge of doubt but she’d give her husband a chance to prove himself. “Alright dear…I see your determination. My wish is for you to surprise me with something you know I enjoy when we’re together.” Kilala blushed heavily after her words, not really knowing what to expect. She unconsciously shed Seth’s cloak down to her elbows since it was pretty big on her as she downcast her eyes a bit.

She looked back at him with a small idea, her eyes quickly turning from doe to determined. “Your mission is to make your wife happy tonight. That’s an order, soldier! Failure is not an option.”

greattacticianheir asked: Hello mother~ I made you some dinner~




"You made dinner?….For me?" She looked slightly skeptical, though she suppose she must have taught her son how to cook for himself, still, she smiled at the gesture, it was the thought that counts.


"Ummm….just tried to cook some bear meat with help from Lucina.."

"Did you say bear meat?! Bring that over here, kiddo! I love bear meat, even it’s raw! I’m sure you and Lucina did your best at it, it should taste good."

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I met Todd Haberkorn, who voices male!Morgan today at Anime California! I asked if he could record this audio post with me at his panel (he even let me go onstage with him ahh) but the best part was that he asked if he could use any voice he wanted and used this. Puberty hits the kid pretty hard, I’d say.

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Recently changed my roleplayed Walhart!Morgan back to Priam!Morgan and enjoying the best haired Morgan in the game once more

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Vows (Closed RP Seth x Kilala)


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